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Malone's Cleaning Services, LLC PO Box 368 Macungie PA 18062

484-519-0181 [email protected]

Proudly Serving the Lehigh Valley Since 2009

We are Ian and Rachel Malone, owners of the Lehigh Valley's fastest growing Window Cleaning business. How did that happen? It's pretty simple- We Love People.

When we started our window cleaning business in 2009, we went door to door looking for our first jobs- It was tough! But we quickly established a reputation for quality window cleaning, and now we are proud and excited to be the top window cleaning company in the Valley! Our goal from the beginning was to build lasting, solid relationships with people, not "customers"- Relationships based on getting to know who you are as a home owner: what you really want, what you value, what makes you laugh!

We get it- The expectation for window cleaning is pretty low (a scruffy guy in a beat up truck, ripped jeans, and a bucket of dubious-looking water)- and to that we say "No, Thanks!" From the start, we knew our window cleaning company would be heads and tails above the rest- from your first contact with us, through to the end of the job, we maintain an above-average (ok, we'll say it, an above- above-average) level of professionalism that will surprise and excite you!

We get it- There are a lot of options when it comes to choosing who you will invite to your home. You want more than an impersonal chain or franchise with no real faces behind the name. You want more than just guarantees and promises about the quality of the work being done. You expect personal accountability. You expect a window cleaning company that is 100% invested in your happiness and in the success of your window cleaning experience. You expect to put your home in the hands of a company who will do more than just provide a service. Trust. Respect. Integrity. These are the qualities you are looking for. We get that, too!

That’s why when you call us, of course you will get outstanding customer service, and of course your windows and home will be so clean it will knock your socks off! Underneath all that great sparkle and shine, though, lies the heart of who we really are- a family you can trust to take care of you and the things you love.

So what are you waiting for? Give us a call, send us an email, shoot us a text- We're excited to hear from you!

484-519-0181 [email protected]