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Malone's Cleaning Services, LLC PO Box 368 Macungie PA 18062

484-519-0181 [email protected]

Proudly Serving the Lehigh Valley Since 2009

A Window Cleaning Experience That is Truly Unique

At Malone's Cleaning Services, we combine the latest technology with respect for our community to create a highly effective, environmentally-friendly experience that is sure to impress.

We always try to be mindful of our surroundings, especially here in the beautiful Lehigh Valley. 

That's why we avoid using any chemicals whenever possible. 

So how do we do it?

To clean the outside of your windows, we use an Ionized Pure Water System, which uses no chemicals. It will gently scrub your windows free of dirt, sap, stickers/tape, paint, bird droppings and any other debris. This system utilizes a water-fed carbon fiber retractable pole that extends up to 30 feet- which means we can safely clean those high, hard-to-reach exterior windows safely from the ground.

Check out this video for more information, and to see it in action!

For window cleaning inside your home, we use the traditional brush and squeegee method. We use a Commercial-Grade, Biodegradable solution that is mild yet effective in getting rid of dust, dirt, and oils on the inside of your windows. There are no harsh chemicals or odors. Even if your dog sneaks a taste- well, he might not like it, but he'll be okay :)

After thoroughly cleaning the inside and outside of each window, we will also clean each sill, track, and frame.

Did you know? We will always wear protective booties inside your home!

Also, we recognize that this past year has taken a heavy toll on our community. We have always taken the health and safety of our employees, their families, and our customers very seriously. Please click here for more information on our current covid19 protocols for the 2021 season.

Each Window Cleaning also includes a complete cleaning of your screens. Our special machine hooks up to a garden hose and uses gentle water pressure and soft scrubby bristles to thoroughly clean the frame and screen material- with no chemicals. Here's a video of our screen cleaning in action- check it out!

Did You Know?

All of our window cleaning quotes include the inside and outside of each window and door. We also include the sill, track, frame, sill, and screen of each window. Of course, we will work with you and your budget to customize your quote however you prefer!

Ready for your FREE quote? Call, text, or email today.

484-519-0181 [email protected]